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The Best Wedding Venue Decor Ideas for 2019

By: Revere Hotel Boston Common / 10 Dec 2018
The Best Wedding Venue Decor Ideas for 2019
When you're planning the ultimate wedding celebration, you'll want to pay attention to some of the latest bridal and wedding venue decor trends. 2019 is putting some fresh spins on traditional styles and introducing some new color palettes to the mix. Here are some of the best wedding venue decor ideas for 2019:

Wedding Venue Decor Trends

1. Hanging Centerpieces
Centerpieces are traditionally placed in the center of a table but this year, it's time to raise the bar on centerpieces - literally. Hanging large or oversized centerpieces from the ceiling, like a chandelier, over your guests' tables is a fresh take on traditional table decor styles.

2. Nature & Greenery
Whether you're king centerpieces or decorating the walls of an event venue, it's time to bring nature inside. Lots of greenery, real flowers, and rustic themes are a top wedding trend for 2019.

3. Jewel Tones
Unlike the pastel themes and more rustic styles of years past, 2019 is all about rich colors and darker shades. This is the year to play with colors like navy blue, purple, emerald green, and jewel tones that create a more glamorous and chic look.

Planning Your 2019 Wedding

As you start shopping for wedding decor, you'll also need to makes sure you're choosing the right event venue. The Revere Hotel Boston Common is the picture perfect destination for your wedding events with its breathtaking rooftop event space over the Back Bay and Boston Skyline, versatile event space for rehearsal dinners, and inspired catering options. Learn more about wedding packages available at the Revere Hotel.

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