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Exploring Boston's Ice-Skating Rinks: A Family-Friendly Guide

By: Revere Hotel Boston Common / 10 Jan 2024
Exploring Boston's Ice-Skating Rinks: A Family-Friendly Guide

As winter blankets Boston in a glistening layer of snow, it's the perfect time to embrace the season's magic with a quintessential family-friendly activity-ice skating. In this blog, we'll glide through Boston's best ice-skating rinks, catering to families and creating lasting memories for all ages. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a first-timer, these rinks offer a perfect winter escape for families. Plus, with Revere Hotel Boston Common as your cozy base, your family getaway promises to be a winter wonderland.

Boston Common Frog Pond

Begin your icy adventure at the iconic Boston Common Frog Pond. This centrally located rink transforms into a winter oasis for families. Offering skate rentals and a warming area, it's perfect for little skaters. Don't miss the carousel nearby, adding an extra touch of whimsy to your family outing.

Kelly Outdoor Skating Rink

Nestled in the heart of Jamaica Plain, the Kelly Outdoor Skating Rink provides a charming and family-friendly setting. With designated family skate times and affordable rates, it's an ideal spot for a day of winter fun. Warm up with hot cocoa at the Rinkside cafe after your skating adventures.

Steriti Memorial Rink

Embrace the winter chill at Steriti Memorial Rink, located in the North End. This rink offers family-friendly public skating sessions at affordable rates. With a welcoming atmosphere and beautiful city skyline views, it's an excellent choice for a family outing.

Cambridge Common Skate Lagoon

For a touch of nostalgia, visit the Cambridge Common Skate Lagoon. This outdoor rink captures the essence of classic winter fun. Families can enjoy skating under the open sky and create cherished memories in this charming setting. Be sure to check for special family-friendly events during your visit.

Boston Winter Village Ice Skating Path

Immerse your family in a magical winter experience at the Boston Winter Village Ice Skating Path. This unique path winds through a festive village setting with holiday lights and seasonal music. It's an enchanting destination for families seeking a joyful, picturesque skating adventure.

Emmons Horrigan O'Neil Memorial Rink

Glide into the magic of winter at Emmons Horrigan O'Neil Memorial Rink in Charlestown. With its rich legacy and family-friendly atmosphere, this rink invites skaters of all ages to twirl and spin on the ice. Enjoy the scenic views of Bunker Hill Monument as you skate under the open sky. The affordable admission rates, convenient amenities, and commitment to community engagement make it a perfect destination for families seeking a delightful winter outing in the heart of Boston.

Cronin Skating Rink

Cronin Skating Rink transforms into a winter wonderland, offering a picturesque setting for skaters of all skill levels. With its well-maintained ice and festive ambiance, the rink sets the stage for a joyful experience, making it a go-to destination for families and friends seeking winter thrills. Cronin Skating Rink prides itself on being an accessible and budget-friendly option for winter recreation. Affordable admission rates and reasonably priced skate rentals ensure everyone can enjoy the frosty fun without breaking the bank.

Your cozy Winters at Revere Hotel Boston Common

After a day of laughter and gliding on the ice, return to the heart of Boston and make Revere Hotel Boston Common your family's winter retreat. Unwind in cozy accommodations, relish seasonal treats at the hotel's restaurant, and cherish the warmth of a fireside escape. With its central location and family-friendly amenities, Revere Hotel perfectly complements your Boston ice skating adventure.

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