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Experience Boston's Italian Heritage

By: Revere Hotel Boston / 12 Oct 2020
Little Italy

Celebrate Italian American Heritage Month in Boston. Experience the city's Italian history dating back to the 1860's when the first Italian immigrants came from Genoa to the North Bay. Throughout the late 1800's, the Campanians, Sicilians, Avellinese, Neopolitans, and the Abruzzesians created their own enclaves throughout the North End. Boston's oldest neighborhood continues to radiate with the cultures, traditions, and flavors of Italy.

Today, Italian Americans comprise about 41% of the population. The North End – Boston's oldest neighborhood – possesses an old-world charm and personality kept alive by generations of Italian families. This vibrant neighborhood, where customs and traditions are celebrated, is dotted with authentic Italian restaurants and bakeries – within a few minutes of downtown.

A Taste of Little Italy in Boston's North End

Discover Boston's historic North End, known as Little Italy. Walk the narrow cobblestone streets to more than 80 Italian restaurants, pizzerias, and patisseries. Enjoy the city's best Italian food and embrace the history of Boston's first neighborhood. You will also find Italian markets with fresh vegetables, fish, and meats with the spirit of Italian American community. Whether it's a pie from Regina's Pizzeria or a cannoli from Mike's Pastry, Boston's Italian heritage comes to life through its food.

Ready to eat your way through Boston's Little Italy? The concierge at the Revere Hotel Boston Common has put together a list of our favorite Italian eateries and kitchens. Tip: Try the shrimp scampi or the meatballs at Limoncello!

  • Rabias Ristorante - 73 Salem Street, North End
  • Ristorante Limoncello - 190 North St., North End
  • La Dolce Vita - 221 Hanover St. North End
  • Massimo's Cucina Italiana - 207 Endicott St., North End
  • Parziale's Bakery - 80 Prince St. North End
  • Al Dente - 109 Salem St., North End
  • Trattoria Il Panino - 11 Parmenter Street
  • Ristorante Saraceno - 286 Hanover St.

The Best Pizza In Boston

Embrace Boston's Italian heritage through its doughy, cheesy, hand-tossed, and fired up pizza. From the North End to Southie, here's where you can grab the best pizza in the city.

  • Santarpio's Pizza - 111 Chelsea St., East Boston
  • Regina Pizza - 11 1/2 Thacher St. North End
  • Galleria Umberto - 289 Hanover St., North End
  • Ernesto's Pizza - 69 Salem St., North End
  • Nebo Cucina & Enoteca - 520 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic Wharf
  • Pastoral - 345 Congress St, Fort Point
  • Picco - 513 Tremont St., South End
  • Coppa -253 Shawmut Ave., South End
  • Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant - 425 W Broadway, Southie

Stay, Explore, Eat

At the Revere Hotel Boston Common, you'll enjoy authentic local experiences. Located in the heart of Boston, we are surrounded by the city's Italian heritage and past. Walk to the North End and South End neighborhoods for the best Italian foods in Boston – a true taste of the city's ethnic roots.

After a day of touring Boston's historic neighborhoods and eateries, relax in luxury rooms and suites with beautiful Back Bay views. Head up for cocktails at Rebel's Guild, our witty and whimsical take on classic New England fare. And with our hotel specials , experiencing Boston's Italian heritage and food scene is a piece of tiramisu cake.

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