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Boston Red Sox First-Timer's Game Guide

By: Revere Hotel Boston Common / 22 Apr 2020
Boston Red Sox First-Timer's Game Guide

Boston Red Sox First-Timer's Game Guide

Fenway Park is home to Boston's beloved Red Sox and is a landmark attraction in the city. A trip to Boston is considered incomplete without a visit to Fenway. If you are a fan of the Red Sox or Major League Baseball in general, then you must visit the park during game season for a once in a lifetime experience.

Traveling to the games

If you are a first-timer and want to see one of the Red Sox games, make sure you take the T to travel to Fenway Park. Driving down to the park can turn out to be a nightmare and parking can also be expensive. Fenway Park is located right in the middle of a major city which means anyone who tries to drive there on a game day has to navigate through busy streets and jaywalkers. So the best option would be to take the T and avoid the hassles.

Scoring tickets for the games

There are multiple ways to get tickets for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. With a little planning, you can get great deals on your tickets. Check out online resellers like StubHub, Ace Ticket, and the Red Sox Replay for tickets at reasonable prices.
The Red Sox also offer tiered pricing for games on different days of the week. If you are not particular about the day and opponent and want to just experience the games, you can try a mid-week game at a much lower cost compared to a weekend game. High school and college students with a valid ID card can get discounts and standing room tickets for as low as $ 9 after registering online. Military personnel also get discounted tickets. The Red Sox release unsold tickets 90 minutes before game time at Gate E. You will have to queue up and wait for your turn and will be able to buy only one ticket per person. If you miss out on the tickets online and at Gate E, you can try the many semi-pro scalpers outside the park. They will be more than happy to give you tickets at very low costs after the first pitch.

Where to Sit

Check out the view from the seats before buying your tickets. Most seats at the Fenway Park come with a good view barring a few which are placed directly behind a giant green pole. Sites like will give you an idea of the view from almost every seat in the park.
Even the cheap tickets will get you seats with some nice views. Head to the Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck if you intend to just soak up the vibe on a cool summer night. The deck comes with a sports bar and patio lounge area. Enjoy the glimpses of the pitch on one side and the views of Boston's skyline on the other.
The Outfield Grandstand Sections 32-33 are alcohol-free sections that are closer to the infield. These seats offer some of the nicest views and are of the best value at Fenway Park. The no-booze policy is strictly enforced though, making it an ideal spot for kids as well.
The cheapest way to get to a Red Sox game is to buy Standing Room tickets. Make sure you come early enough to get a good spot. Fenway is a disabled-friendly park and is accessible for people with disabilities. You can get tickets to the wheel-chair accessible sections in the uppermost rows of many grandstand areas, the first row of the bleachers, the first row of certain field boxes, and on top of the Green Monster.

Things to Do for Free at Fenway

Get a free autograph from at least one former Red Sox player or member of the organization at the Autograph Alley located in Yawkey Way before the game. Visit the Red Sox Hall of Fame in the Dell EMC Club Hallway and check out the plaques of famous players. Make sure to stop by one of the Fan Service Booths at Gates E, D, and B and collect your "first-timers" fan items.

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