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A If you're a beer lover, a Sam Adams brewery tour will be the best one hour you'll ever spend. The first 30 minutes of the tour will give you a detailed look at the ingredients used in the beer and brewing process. You'll discover the nuanced approach brewmasters use to create the distinctive flavors of Sam Adams' famous lagers, ales, seasonal brews and IPAs. Then, when the classroom time is over, step into the tasting room for 30 minutes of pure beer indulgence. You'll enjoy three different styles of award-winning Sam Adams craft beer and have a chance to learn more about each brew. The general brewery tour is free. However, the brewery asks for a donation (suggested amount is $20), which goes to local charities. Private tours are also available for groups of 20 or more, making the Sam Adams Brewery the perfect corporate or social outing for groups.
A Founder Jim Koch originally wanted nothing to do with the family's 150 year beer brewing heritage. He had bigger dreams and didn't think beer fit in anywhere. So he headed off to college and graduate school, then started a career in management consulting. But in 1984, he saw an opportunity to combine his passion for business with his love of beer. Recognizing that Americans were looking for something new on the beer scene, he dusted off his great-grandfather Louis Koch's beer recipe and brewed up the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his own kitchen. Little did he know that this first test batch would lead to a craft beer revolution. Thirty years on, Jim Koch can rightly be called one of the founding fathers of the American craft beer revolution. Today, more than 5,000 independent craft brewers nationwide have him to thank.
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