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A A city as rich in heritage as Boston never makes you choose between history and fun things to do. You can usually do both, at the same time. So go ahead and take in a Red Sox game, and plan to soak up some pre- or post-game history at one of the iconic Boston bars and restaurants just steps from the ballpark
* The Green Dragon Tavern on Marshall Street came to life in 1654, making it the oldest historic bar in the city. And while it may have moved around a few times over the centuries, it made it into the history books as the "headquarters of the American Revolution" and was noted in Paul Revere's diaries as the clandestine meeting spot of revolutionary heroes. Today it's a cozy Irish Bar that serves up cold beer, cocktails, salads, sandwiches and excellent chowder.
* Just around the corner from the Green Dragon, you'll find the Bell in Hand, America's oldest continuously operating watering hole (excusing Prohibition, which doesn't count anyway). Built by Boston's last town crier, Jimmy Wilson, today the Bell houses two floors, five bars and serves pub food favorites along with ice cold beer, cocktails and wine for lunch and dinner. At night, it turns into one of Boston's most popular dance clubs, so go early if you want to soak in the historic vibes.
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