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Planning a More Productive Meeting in Boston
Dec10, 2018

Planning a More Productive Meeting in Boston

Posted by: Revere Hotel Boston Common
Boston is a popular destination for meetings and corporate events with its busy business and financial district set in an historic setting. If you're inviting out-of-town and local guest to a meeting in the downtown area, you'll want to follow some key principles to make your event as productive and efficient as possible. Here are some tips for planning a more productive meeting in Boston:

Productive Meetings in Boston

1. Send out the agenda ahead of time. Give attendees a chance to prepare well for the meting by sending out a written agenda at least one day in advance. This will help participants understand what they need to focus on and can bring questions to the table accordingly.

2. Schedule frequent breaks. When you're planning a meeting that will run longer than an hour, plan at least a 15 minute break so attendees have time to process all the information shared in the meeting. A brief change of scenery can

3. Choose the right venue. Boston is home to several historic restaurants and lounges that are perfect for happy hours and social events before or after a meeting. Choose a venue that puts you and your guests within a short walk or drive of these venues to support new connections and relationships formed from the event.

Meeting Planning in Boston

Plan your next meeting in Boston at the Revere Hotel Boston Common where your guests can enjoy views of the Back Bay and city skyline, enjoy local artwork and unwind at Rooftop@Revere after a day of meetings. Learn more about meeting packages and services available at the Revere Hotel.
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